Detection Dogs with Mike Suttle

Does your dog use his nose to do a job? If so, your dog is a detection dog. The scent may be different–HRD, explosives, live humans, bedbugs, narcotics…, but the training theories are the same. We can never become complacent and believe that one way is the best way. In order to evolve as a handler/trainer it is important to learn how top trainers are meeting the challenges of training dogs.

SDONA presents Detection Dogs with Mike Suttle.

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K9 Gator. Camp Atterbury, May 2013.

Disaster Training for SAR Dogs

SDONA presents Disaster Training for SAR Dogs

**Muscatatuck Urban Training Center in Butlerville, IN**

October 31st – November 2nd

challenging rubble and building sites, including “Tornado Alley”

training appropriate for all levels and disciplines of live find SAR dogs.

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Saving Lives Around the Globe


Search and Rescue dogs help find survivors when disasters strike. The tsunamis in Japan, earthquakes in Turkey and Haiti, tornadoes here at home… that’s when man’s best friend also becomes his salvation.

Find out what it takes to become part of that team!

Search Dog Organization of North America

Hosting Training


We are actively looking for hosting locations in the West, Midwest, and South. If you would like to host a training seminar or a trial in your area for 2015, please email us at admin@sdona.org.